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Lol, Trion didn't posted why they're not keen to operate, It's just Yaviey pointed at the moment there is no plans while Vladd personally likes using such platform and community trying to let trion make their own channel.As a community ambassador you should support this and be the first one to volunteer its moderation but you just keep doing opposite.Let's say as other way happened again devs started to use it actively and one player had problem with server owner, he couldn't join discussions at all and can't share his thoughts, what can be your answer for this situation?Maybe you can take this examples too, trion decided to not use their twitch channels, facebook and youtube but wanted to use player X's stream, since its public will it be same thing? When viewers want to ask question on that livestream but they banned because they had problem with streamer will they able to do it?MMO-Champion is having another forum related with RIFT and Trion decided to lower their resources and forced people to use MMO-Champion forums but then MMO-Champion decides closing RIFT section will it be same?Please work with community for the community and stop acting like opposition.
Hi Aileen, I did actually already post on why we cannot/will not support an official Discord channel.
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Hi, Laeti. We appreciate your thoughts and have mulled this over many times, especially in recent days. However, we are unable to run or properly support an official Discord at this time. It certainly sounds easier than the reality of running it and keeping up with making sure users are obeying the CoC. For one, it would involve multiple mods (who would all need to be constantly trained) being on 24/7 as they would need to have run of all channels, not to mention how there is very little you can do to moderate voice chats properly. The legal kind of trouble this could cause if someone is harassed, etc. on an official channel like Discord is also difficult since so much happens in real time in all kinds of channels. The kind of time, effort, and resources it would take for even just ONE official game Discord is just not something we can justify at this time. Therefore, I'm sorry to say, but at this time, we cannot commit to running an official Discord and continue to leave this in player hands.
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