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I kind of wish they didn't. When the devs join one discord over the others, it shows favoritism, and they'll still primarily communicate via that discord. What needs improvement is communication via the official forums, and joining other discords won't help that. It's just the old status quo all over again.
A quick list on why I, personally, prefer talking in what is a very informal environment such as discord or even skype over posting on the forums. Again, this is my personal opinion...1) Real time chatting with you guys is awesome. We can exchange ideas, get real time feedback, and also humanize each other. We aren't just throwing words out into a void but we can see how those words affect the person on the other side of the screen. As such, we are more likely to be civil to each other and the environment is suitable for all parties.2) Replies/posts on the forums require at least 4 times the normal time to post because I have to reread it, edit it, make sure that I'm conveying the answer, and make sure that there is no room for misinterpretation. It has to be formal and pretty much air tight on the message being relayed. Some times, I even send out the proposed post to a few other people to get their editing notes before posting. In other words, it is usually a time consuming task that ultimately impacts what work can get done in a day. Not only my own but potentially other members of the team since we are proofreading each other's posts.3) However, replying with just a sentence or two in a chat room on a topic as it breezes by in a very informal setting is a completely different matter in terms of time impact. I can do that while waiting for a database or spreadsheet to load which means that it has minimal impact on daily workflow. Also, those statements aren't as likely to get used out of context nor to they carry the same sort of "overhead" as an official forum post. If someone was to ask something like "Vladd, what are the chances of us getting a flying mount this year?" I can quickly reply with something like "Not very likely" or "Not in the plans" or "You have a better chance of winning the lottery." If that was a forum post, I'd have to go through some, if not all, of the steps above in number 2.And once again, for the record, these are my personal opinions. Your mileage may vary depending upon the developer that you talk to about the matter.
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