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First of all, I hope your illness recovered and you doing well. I think I have an image of me on you guys as a player who tries to help in every possible way to make this game better.I played this game on my main char as of today 334 days, 6 hours, 32minutes and 44 seconds.This game time is not counting times I spent on PTS and Storm Legion alpha test (which I played at least 50days on it) and most of my game play time in Vanilla and Storm Legion itself which was most glorious times the game itself as for population wise and activity wise.On that periods of time devs were interactively using forums and was making contacts with people.As I mentioned many times as a software engineer myself, I understand they have limited amount of time maybe to answer or even check forums when they have deadlines on their front but lets look the dev activity on forums just via dev tracker filtering itself.Clearly activities are dropping time by time and clearly both original vanilla start and f2p start had most active times ever by dev responses in forums.While I appreciate your hard work on bug reports and trying to in touch with players, lets face some issues; game has lots of ongoing problems with players not being satisfied, population drops each day and lots of active players are curious on whats going on, so they expect some interaction between devs at least.As I said satisfying everyone is not possible and when you design you rarely want others to put their fingers on your job but getting ideas and making decisions by that ideas to satisfy your customers and potential customers are good things.I know I keep giving example of POE all the time, their devs actively using both forums and reddit all the time while both games are not same genre thou both are MMOs thats one of main reason of their success because players of that game feels they are listened and its happening mostly meanwhile getting actively responses, they even have discord server maintained by theirself and moderated by community volunteered moderators and just at this time online count on that discord is over 9k players.Please consider that idea again it will satisfy both players and you guys, because server handled by you with community moderated where if mods abuse their power we can appeal you directly which will solve many issues.I love this game and its saddening me things are going like this.
In my book at least, you've definitely proven yourself as a helpful player and one that advocates for the community. I've appreciated your diligent bug reports, replies, and help to players.In regards to a drop off of dev interaction, it's true. There's a number of reasons for this. However, as I mentioned before, devs are not required to interact on the forums. I hope that they will and that we can repair the relationship there but they are not forced.While some games do things differently, we do the best we can with what we have. If there are specific areas where you have feedback, you're free to suggest but it'll be up to the team to say "yay or nay". For now Reddit and the forums hasn't been a top hit for the devs who are hard at work on trying to bring new content to the game and fix bugs but let's work together to figure out how to get the information you want.For the bug reports, I'm happy to hear you appreciate the effort. Many of the posts I read from players was that the game had a lot of bugs and they weren't sure when stuff would be fixed. This was something that I knew I could help with and I did. There are other facets that still need to be worked on such as player satisfaction and more transparent and consistent communication. This is something that is not fixed overnight and is what we're working on ways to solve.
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