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I understand that no dev HAS to communicate on the forums, but it's good business sense to do so. You want your customers (all of whom could be potentially PAYING customers) to feel like their input is valued and taken into consideration. Radio silence for years on systemic issues is not a good way of instilling trust and a good relationship between the customer and the company.It's also frustrating that it seems like you're painting it as one-sided toxicity when in the past developers (not you) have been just as inflammatory and toxic, if not outright condescending to the the players. Sometimes it feels like us forum posters aren't viewed as adults and aren't spoken to like real people. It feels like we're expected to walk on eggshells, but it's not reciprocated.Maybe a little more empathy would help. It's frustrating to pay a lot into a game and have one's opinion on the game disregarded and disrespected.
I'm very sorry, Rivkah. I believe you may have perceived my message as more negative than intended. What we're saying is "be nice" and that's not something that should be considered walking on eggshells or being treated like non-adults. It's an issue that has been brought up to me from the dev team. Let's work on fixing it!In regards to "both sides" being toxic/inflammatory. I'm sorry to hear this. What I am more interested in right now is what happens today and going forward. Neither side should act like this.
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