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I appreciate your response and can understand why "official" communication should not occur on third party sites. That said- most of the communication on the forums is constructive- yes- frustrations are vented here- but the main issue is a lack of validation of those concerns. No- we players do not expect a dev to answer every concern. But knowing that the concerns are read and thought about is important. Other game forums will have a mod or someone make a statement every so often that issues a, b, or c have been read and are being considered. The direction of a particular issue should be addressed- perhaps not by a dev but by you or a mod. Not addressing these things makes people annoyed, frustrated, snarky, or they leave. It is wonderful you are making yourself available to answer questions if flagged. But the community is *not* toxic compared to others. Seriously- these forums are made of *****cats in comparison.
That I guess is the problem with opinions. We all have them and they vary from person to person. Some (not all) of our devs feel that it is not in their best interest to interact due to harassment or snarkiness or whatever. I can't control that but I can help facilitate communication. With time this may change where devs want to interact more on the forums and I truly hope that will be the case. When we have answers, we've responded where appropriate and in fact are continuing to refine this process to make that communication quicker and more transparent. But as you mentioned, we can't comment on everything - even as a mod or CM. It's a learning and growing process for both sides is the best I can say on this matter.
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