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Unless Trion makes their own server that belongs to the company. This way they can set their rules (reflecting the company's code of conduct to avoid any confusion), and assign mods they can trust to moderate it accordingly. They can even assign one (Clowd is the first person that comes to mind) who then can get a team of mods and promote/demote them according to common sense. The whole problem of a 'privately created server' is that the owner is always in control of what happens to it. No offense to the folks that made the new one, but that is always a risk. If the company owns it, on the other hand, the mods only have the rights that they are given to by the company. They can act as mods but have no control over the server itself (only over the moderation aspect). But then I completely agree with the fact that even if that were to happen, it would still mean that all the official platforms are the primary source of player-dev communication, so anything discussed over on Discord would also take place here as well. Granted, the forums do have their own mods to take care of them ;)
Hi, Laeti. We appreciate your thoughts and have mulled this over many times, especially in recent days. However, we are unable to run or properly support an official Discord at this time. It certainly sounds easier than the reality of running it and keeping up with making sure users are obeying the CoC. For one, it would involve multiple mods (who would all need to be constantly trained) being on 24/7 as they would need to have run of all channels, not to mention how there is very little you can do to moderate voice chats properly. The legal kind of trouble this could cause if someone is harassed, etc. on an official channel like Discord is also difficult since so much happens in real time in all kinds of channels. The kind of time, effort, and resources it would take for even just ONE official game Discord is just not something we can justify at this time. Therefore, I'm sorry to say, but at this time, we cannot commit to running an official Discord and continue to leave this in player hands.
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