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the person that shut it down gave no legit reason for doing so, not taking into consideration the large community that has formed over the time it was active. when theres thousands of members, its not "yours" anymore, theres a community attached to it. you dont want to run it anymore? pass it on. first the rift reddit fiasco, and now this
Community members set up fan sites and communities all the time. It's their prerogative to keep/delete/sign the reigns over to someone else. It can be sad when you come to rely on a particular site for news and a place to hang out but they're under no obligation to continue and in fact, these kinds of things can be very time consuming to manage that they usually do of their own free will without any kind of pay or compensation. If there are things you ever want to keep from such a place (in the future at least), I highly recommend saving anything you want to keep for your own records locally.
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