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Fall is in the air and there’s tons to check out in Telara if you’ve been away for a while. Come back September 13 – 20 and get rewarded. Players who log into RIFT from September 13 until September 20, 2017 at 11:59 PM local server time will receive a Celestial Rewards Cache full of delightful goods to help your character. The reward will be available in the item claim window, located at the top right in the UI. Celestial Rewards Cache
  • 2 Tenebrean Engines
    • Used to upgrade powerful raid items.
  • Box of Individual Reward Charges
    • Contains 10 individual reward charges. Does not extend the cap of 100 charges and charges in excess of 100 will be lost.
  • Glimmering Bag of Sparkles
    • Contains 100 Phenomenal Sparkle, which are required for the monthly Patron quest. Sparkles that exceed the cap of 500 will be lost.
  • Sagum of the Tempest
    • Costume cape to help your character stand out!
So jump back in if you’ve left or get rewarded if you’re already here. It’s the perfect time to see all the updates from 4.2 Celestial Storm!
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