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  • Texture Splatting & Compass Mini-Map Changed
  • Sigil of Valor Only Usable on One Character
  • Unable to Join Starter Guild for Correct Shard
  • Returned to Wrong Location After Celestial Adventure
  • Bonus Loot on Captured Intel Not Awarded from Silver Tear Buffs
  • Empty Mercenary Equipment Caches from Plane of Water Zone Events
  • Primus Hastati Not Spawning if Rift Nearby
  • Dimension Key Missing
  • “This Little Piggy” Achievement Bugged
  • Some Healing Debuffs Permanent Until Death in WFS
  • Unable to Pick Up Books in Starter Zone (Unable to Repro)
  • Helm & Ranged Items Not Getting Credit for Rifts (Unable to Repro)
  • (Farseer) Fortune’s Protection Doesn’t Jump Targets If Not in Combat (Working as Intended)
  • Raid Marks Not Appearing in Raid Frames When Out of LOS
  • Mystic Abilities “Bind Life” & “Air Lash” Have Incorrect Tooltip Text
  • Vostigar Peaks Events Giving Lower Level Rewards Than Expected
  • New Jetpack Mount Accidentally Turning Into Buttpack
  • Rogue Saboteur Time Bomb Not Working
  • Cloak of the Void Doesn’t Dye Correctly
  • Eye of Omnox Triggers from Any Ability
  • Help Command on Client Not Showing All Usable Commands
  • Reactive Temporary Ability Bar Showing Untrained Abilities
  • The Echo of the Battle of Saint Taranis Bugs Out on 3rd Phase
  • Necromancer Soul Bond Legendary Falls Off Pet Occasionally
  • Legendary Side Steps Sometimes Not Firing
  • VP Zone Event Bugs When Wardstone Falls
  • Pitch Black Sky Projector
  • Typo in Daily Quest ‘On Guard’
  • Unable to Mark Players in Warfronts Unless Keybinded
  • Primalist Abilities Ignoring LoS & Range
  • Volcanic Playground Background Missing
  • Persistent Firestorm Circle Remains on Player
  • Celestial IA “Wall of Iron” Quest Has Incorrect Mobs Associated
  • MOSTLY FIXED - Some Items Missing Cosmetic Appearances
  • Steel Cohort Tags Accidentally Tagged as Iron Cohort
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