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After the last patch rift crashes my video card.I have a gforcre 1070 ti and I'm not having any problems with any other game.This all started doing quests in the new area.My screen goes black but I can hear the game sounds,all 3 video card fans turn on.Control alt del doesn't do anything.I have to do a shutdown to get out of the black screen.When I go back into rift the rez has been changed to something I cant use.Yes I have the newest video drivers and I have stressed the video card and cant duplicate the problem.I also did a full reinstall of Win 10 and Rift.Video card is a Zotec gforse gtx 1070 ti.Can you help me???
Hi Doit, without further corroboration of a wide-spread issue, I've moved this thread to our Tech Support section to better get you help with this issue.
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