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Thread: CM Morgana: RIFT 4.2: Hotfix #8 9/6/2017

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    Default CM Morgana: RIFT 4.2: Hotfix #8 9/6/2017

    Quote Originally Posted by CM Morgana View Post
    RIFT 4.2: Hotfix #8 9/6/2017 UI AND SETTINGS * Fixed a bug preventing players from seeing another player's icon in the raid frame if they went out of line of sight. * Fixed an issue where you would sometimes fall through the world when changing video settings. INSTANT ADVENTURE * Adventure groups in the Featured Adventure and Intrepid Adventure queues will experience more variety of instant adventures. * Vostigar Peaks has been added to the Instant Adventures zone rotation! Hit [.] and select Celestial Adventures to get in on the action. ZONES AND EVENTS * Fixed an issue with Zone Event notifications not properly displaying. Now, when the event is starting on a shard different from your home shard, the red alert text and flashing icon properly show in the UI and on the map. * Raid Rift: Iron Legion: Fixed a bug where the slow aura could get stuck on you. ALITTU * Queens Foci: The weekly quest giver and the Mages of Alittu Quartermaster have now taken up camp in Camp Quagmire. Quest: Through Hell and Back Again: Clarified in the quest that it must be completed in LFR difficulty. GEDLO BADLANDS * Quest: The Battle of Saint Taranis and the Echo of the Battle of Saint Taranis: Fixed an issue where sometimes Garn would not spawn in Saint Taranis. MOONSHADE HIGHLANDS * Fixed floating grass around the Moonshade Highlands porticulum. TERMINUS * Quest: Gathering Power: Removed the ability to interact with Sourcestone Ore in Regent’s Fall. (This was mistakenly not removed in the Terminus revamp of yore!). SOULS MAGE NECROMANCER * Soul Bond should no longer incorrectly fall off your pet if it moves more than 30m from you. PYROMANCER * Wildfire Procs will no longer show too many reactive icons. PRIMALIST MYSTIC * Bind Life/Air Lash now correctly describe what focus state they require to be cast. PRIMAL LORD * Legendary Scything Strike has been adjusted to provide a reduced bonus, and its location in the math has changed so that it will be less potent when stacked with other effects. ROGUE BLADEDANCER * Side Steps will now correctly come off cooldown when it says that it does. SABOTEUR * Time Bomb and Charges should now work correctly after dying. DUNGEONS AND RAIDS CHRONICLE OF ATTUNEMENT * The Vigil’s plan to stop Shadavarian by dropping a giant statue on his head did not go according to prophecy. Therefore they have removed their artwork from the Ceremony of Attunement chronicle. ITEMS * The Eye of Omnox trinket will no longer incorrectly be triggered by abilities other than damaging and healing ones. It will also no longer be overwritten when multiple players proc it at once. * Tok Box can now only be used in either Allitu or Tok’s Proving Ground. * Eternal: Hellion's Stompers should now correctly activate automatically when equipped and not persist forever.
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