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This was first reported on the Technical Support forum - http://forums.riftgame.com/technical...ml#post5316976 however I can confirm this as a legitimate issues. My datamining revealed the extent of the changes for the compass minimap, as the 4.2 hotfix #2 patch shipped with completely new compass minimap tiles for the Storm Legion, Nightmare Tide, and Prophecy of Ahnket zones. Portions of Plane Touched Wilds also appear to be updated, alongside nearby sections of the Droughtlands zone that border Plane Touched Wilds.Time: This change is always noticeable in all open world locations. The compass minimap is especially noticeable, as hard lines are far more prevalent (see screenshot below).Context: This appears in all regions of the main game world, and is especially prevalent in the compass minimap. At least the Dusken, Brevane, Plane of Water, and Celestial Lands minimaps have been altered due to this.Expected: I expected the edges of different textures on the ground of the world to have "fuzzy" borders, and to not be sharp, but blend into each other.Observed: Edges of roads and different textures on the world do not blend into each other as they once did. Instead, the edges are more pronounced, especially on the compass minimaps.Screenshots: This screenshot shows the difference between the Hotfix #1 compass minimap (on the left) and the Hotfix #2 compass minimap (on the right)
First of all, thank you for the very thorough bug report, Clowd! I had a chat with our team and we did put in a new terrain shader. This is a more modern type of technology based on height-map blending. So a change was indeed intentional! However, a change that impacted users' abilities to properly discern roads in the minimap was not.Therefore, based on your input, we are going to file it as a bug report to see if we can get some tweaks done to it so it'll be easier to see roads, etc.Thank you!
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