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On the weekend I was swapping active dimension keys looking for something suitable for new builds I have been working out in my head. At some point, I swapped Stone Flask Tavern with Mathosian Cascades and Rift crashed. Things got worse from here on out.I relogged to find Stone Flask Tavern was not active (and in my key list) and Mathosian Cascades was not active and not in my possible key list.I crafted a key for Tempest Island and added it to my possible dimensions. Then I activated it. Central Necropolis was added to my active keys and Tempest Island vanished from my active and inactive listings. Mousing over their respective keys told me that I have those keys and do not need to collect them.This morning I purchased a brand new active slot (#15) so that I build something only to find Mathosian Cascades already active in this slot. So I purchased another slot (#16) to find what I was expecting, Tempest Island already active. This led me to believe that new keys were not swapping correctly and were being added to slots that were not active yet so I tested the theory and switched out my first ever dimesnion, Sanguine Shores with Hailol. This replaced slot #15 with Hailol, moving Mathosian Cascades into slot #16 and removing Tempest Island from all of my listing and keeping Sanguine Shores in slot #1.
That definitely does not sound right. Thank you for reporting this, Norris. Please let us know if anything changes in this situation.
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