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The weekly quest "The Enemy of my Enemy" just reset to 0/5 with the weekly reset - after all the "fun" we on EU had with it last week. Are you actively trying to piss people off or is that only incompetence?
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This is truly bad, both my main Thunderwarrior@Deepwood and alt Sneaksie@Deepwood had their daily's counter reset to 0/5 from 4/5. That is over 10 hours of playtime wasted between the 2 not counting the wasted time trying to get the Tasuil daily to work. (Which BTW was ALSO reset from 4/5 for the daily's to 0/5 the next day)I'm still in shock and truly pissed off! Attachment 31792Thunder
We are aware of this issue and are working on it! More info: http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...est-reset.html
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