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Submitted a ticket for this yesterday, but loot does not drop at ALL on Faeblight (as of last night). You'd think after slaughtering my way through some 27 Lobo up on Tarken Glacier, I'd at least get vendor trash, but nothing. Bampfed over to Deepwood, first kill - vendor trash and butcherable.I also saw players on FB who were completing chronicles and not getting anything.
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Wife and I played a bit with this yesterday and today. We're both Faeblight home shard, when a mob is killed on Faeblight it can not be looted/skinned, or interacted with in any way.Any other shard, corpse interactions work properly.A few other folks from other shards tried it out as well. Faeblight is a no corpse interaction server. It does not appear to be an issue related to the home shard, it seems to be Faeblight specific.
Thanks for the update! We are looking into this.
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