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I read through the Bug Squishing thread (very nicely collated, Yaviey, btw!, nice and easy to read) and saw that the impossibly high values for Captured Intel are as intended.Is it Trion's intent for us to spend eight hours a day in this zone doing dailies, zone events, raid rifts, and rare hunting? I haven't done the dailies yet, I will admit, and mostly because of all the complaints from other players due to the bugs occurring on an astonishing number of the dailies. I've got 80/81 on the story quests, all the carnages, and I'm working on the other interesting little achievements, but I've got to say, the thought of taking my two primary characters through this zone's dailies, then three raid rifts, then for a few rounds of rare hunting, every single day, seems an incredibly enormous time sink.I know, I know. You don't have to do all of this every day. But considering the amount of time these activities takes, and the amount of Captured Intel each of the rewards requires, perhaps the drop rate on Captured Intel could be increased (significantly). Because the way I've calculated it, I might spend a year doing these dailies a few times a week on each of two characters and still not have more than 1-2 essences upgraded.And there are people doing this on 3, 4, 5, or even more characters!Would be happy to hear a dev's thoughts on how they intend this to go. Or is this intended to "keep players occupied" for the span of a year until more content can be created? Because I don't see this keeping my interest for the amount of time it will take to grind that much currency. 240,000 captured intel at a rate of 10-50 at a time? Can you truly be serious?
I'm working on getting some more info on this and will report back as soon as I can!
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