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  1. Maze of SteelDescription: Ankhet's bubble doesn't disappear, causing the quest to be unable to be completed. Another player reported that they were able to finally kill both Ankhet and Crucia but then were unable to claim the bodies afterwards, so they were still unable to complete the quest.Link 1 | Link 2Status: Known issue. Team is working on a fix.
  2. Jetpack It Up QuestDescription: The second time you click on the quest items, the sequence fails, causing the player to be unable to be completed. Another report indicates that there is no teleport spawning for the puzzle part.Link 1Status: Team is still investigating this issue. If you have more info, please share it with us in the comments below.
  3. Daily Quest: Paint the Base RedDescription: Unable to complete because Tasuil is up in the air. This has been reported on multiple servers. Also affects the Weekly Enemy of My Enemy.Link 1 | Link 2Status: Known issue. Team is working on a fix for it.
  4. Utilla Resistance RepDescription: Currently capped at Revered. Cannot get to Glorified.Link 1Status: Known issue. Fix is being worked on.
  5. Material Tooltips MissingDescription: Material tooltips are missing on some materials.Link 1Status: Known issue and team is working on a fix.
  6. Guild RosterDescription: Guild members are showing in roster as CharacterName@Unknown instead of the guild's shard. This is causing guild members to be unable to promote, demote, kick, etc. Additionally, Roster Notes are also locked (although Officer Notes are not).Link 1Status: Known issue and a fix is just about ready.
  7. Daily Quest: There Will be TearsDescription: Today's daily quest in VP - Rejuvenators & mech parts have a 30 min respawn time. This is causing players to have a difficult time completing the quest. Mech parts complete for everyone in a group but mines and rejuvenators don't. Link 1Status: Team is currently investigating.
  8. Daily Quest: Experiment 1337Description: If two people are escaping at the same time, only the killing blow on the doors seem to count. Therefore one of the players has to reset and do it again.Link 1Status: Team is currently investigating.
  9. Possible Bug - Stellar Triggers, Etc.Description: Player says that on PTS, Stellar Triggers were 100 while gear and trinkets were 500. On Live, Trinkets are now 20k, gear is 8k, and Triggers are 40k. Players believe this may be a bug.Link 1Status: Working as intended.
  10. Can't Target Bewitched RootsDescription: Player turned 67 to do story quest and could not progress because they couldn't target the Bewitched Roots needed for quest. Some players (including Brasse) says this can happen from time to time. Link 1Status: Team is currently investigating.
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