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So I get that we arn't supposed to immediately be able to buy everything, but from the PTS prices to live the prices got super inflated.But Stellar Triggers were 100 while gear and Trinkets were 500.Now the Trinkets are 20k and the Gear is 8k. But Triggers are now 40k?I'm really hoping that an extra 0 was added by mistake. With the amount of currency we can earn even grinding everything on a daily basis it'd still take a considerable amount of time just to get one trigger, let alone a trinket or two plus a few triggers.Are the prices going to be assessed on a future date, or is there more content ahead that'll allow us to earn Intel faster?
Hey Zehne, not sure if this is a bug or not but I'll ask. It does seem like a pretty high inflation comparatively. Will get back to you when I know more.
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