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OK, again issues again with today's VP dailies. There will be tears..Rejuvenators and mech parts have 30 min respawn time! About 5 minute after reset, there were no more to click, since everyone now rushes to be the first to finish to avoid hand in bugs. There aren't enough to go around at that respawn rate.Todays quests are obviously geared towards doing in a group, since you have a bunch of mobs around each objective. For soloers, it ends up encouraging ninjaing -- If you engage the mobs solo, you are stuck in combat for 30 sec, giving someone else time to come in and steal the objective.Mech parts do complete for everyone in group, but mines and rejuvenators don't. If you made all of these things complete for everyone in group, it would reduce competition and ninjaing.Also, yesterdays dailies, in addition to paint it red, I haven't seen mentioned the escape from experiment 1337 bug. If 2 people are escaping at the same time, only the killing blow on the doors seem to count. So, It is possible for one person to escape with 2/3 doors, the other person to escape with one of 3, and be unable to click the self destruct sequence. At least you can reset and go again, but it is annoying.
We're taking a gander at both of these bugs. Thank you for the feedback!
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