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love the new Celestial Adventure! especially the lvl 67 cap. It's a skill-oriented IA. Much more balanced vs the old Planar Assault IA - levelling players can match their skill and rotations vs others more fairly. The old Planar Assault always had one or two lvl 70s in endgame gear doing 800k bursts keeling over bosses within seconds - while everyone else is left staring and blinking. Thank You for the new Celestial Assault IA, hope this will be a permanent feature/IA for levelling players to enjoy One bug in it tho - several times today adventures complete and no new quests follow - the whole group is left standing around waiting. An exit and re-enter will get you into a new IA group where another quest chain is running. The new chain will run for a while and come to a halt again after a few. That's the only bug spotted so far. Thank you and keep up the great work!
So glad to hear you enjoyed it, AnnaAlicia. ^_^ And also, thank you kindly for the bug report. I'll run this up with the team and see if we can get it fixed if they aren't already aware.
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