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Trion already has great ideas for this mount but for fun what kind of different skins do you think would be great for this mount?- Guardian Vigil (please please please)- Budgling as a stork struggling to carry a baby in a nappy style- Steampunk Corgi - Corgi with a jetpack on carrying a backpack of toys- Pirate Corgi - Corgi dressed as a pirate booming like from a cannon vfx carrying treasure- Sweetdreams Corgi - Corgi with wings & halo carrying a basket of candyStill thinking on Boggling carriage cause there HAS to be a Boggling mount soooon and Cosmic Rhino wtb Cosmic Rhino carriage and everything Cosmic Rhino (like that Summerfest fountain...)
I for one love ALL of these ideas. Will definitely pass them to the team.