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the third mini in normal td doesnt clear the adds it spawns when you wipeiron legion raid rift the aoe mechanic is brutal, like constant instant death getting close to the 2 iron angels. i believe this was reported before. "The white safe zone gets visible only 1-2 seconds, before Red Leader's cast "Static Blast" is finished, making it impossible to reach the safe zone in time. We were able to see the first white circle at the beginning of the corresponding cast. So the first cast worked just fine. From the second circle on, however, the safe zone appeared way to late to play this mechanic properly."i didint see any safe zone any time i tried to get close to rejoin the fight boom deadedit/TD mini bosses are not dropping marks, intended?
Thank you, sirdiggby. This is really great, thorough feedback on these bugs with TD. Our team is working on some fixes. Thank you!
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