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Welcome to the ... jungle, which in its current state will need lots of good stuff before anyone can forget about the spills that left so many holes...I truly hope, like many do, that we'll see a less destructive direction for the game. Lots of work to do on getting reacquainted with the game. Since I can't play as much as I used to right now, I won't give you 'advice' as to what to play, surely there will be lots of people giving their opinions.Most importantly: enjoy the game!
Hey Faerugue, I totally understand your trepidation and I'm sorry you feel the way that you do about the current state of the game. I know that having spoken at length with Brasse and the devs that everyone on this side of the fence is and has been doing their best but we do certainly have some hurdles that we still need to overcome. So we'll be working together on that.So far, everyone has given some great advice on what to play and the most important part - to have fun with it.
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