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Welcome Yaviey! It's great to finally have a Rift CM again, it's crazy to even think of the amount of work and pressure that Brasse has to deal with working on multiple games at once, so you joining the game and the community is awesome news. Personally I think it's also great that you're starting over as a Rift player. Going all the way from the start to the endgame will allow you to see and experience the game from all kinds of perspectives, which is so important in understanding the reasons behind any feedback, whoever it comes from and whatever the issues may be. It's exciting to have you on board with us! Best of luck, and welcome to Telara P.S. Defiants > Guardians
Thank you, Laeti! Brasse definitely had a lot on her shoulders and in talking with her, she really wanted to make sure RIFT had more support. So I will do the very best I can! I know I've been a little quiet so far (from a front-facing perspective) but I do promise that behind the scenes I am doing as much as I can to to help support the launch of 4.2: Celestial Storm, including assisting some press tours, writing blogs, creating some graphics, writing social copy, etc. Then, once we get launched I have a pretty long to do list of stuff I want to do both for and with the community including some more live streams, contests, working with some fan sites/content creators, and other cool stuff. Plus of course, getting to play the game more and getting to experience leveling up from the beginning and getting into end-game. As you mentioned, I hope this will help me better understand where players are coming from first-hand and help work with the dev team to explore ways we can tackle some of the issues, as well as highlight the really good parts.Regarding your comment of Defiant vs. Guardian, I am genuinely curious why you like Defiants! Previously, I've only ever played on the Guardian side so I'd love to know more about the other side.Thank you for your support and the warm welcome!
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