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I think the constant flipping from P2P, F2P, B2P BACK to F2P says enough about the company
I'd just like to address this as you seem to be attributing some negative connotation to this. This is simply another example of us being willing to try new things in every aspect of our game including the way we try to make it pay for itself. No one bats an eye when we change something in content or one of the souls (unless of course we nerfed you favorite role ). The different things we have tried with various pay methods is just another aspect of that. We have discussions among ourselves, listen the the feedback from players about what they would like to see and then try something out. There is nothing more nefarious than that. We do after all have to have RIFT make enough money to keep paying for severs, offices space, dev salaries etc. etc. And then we want to balance that with something that is appealing to the largest proportion of our player base as possible. Anyway hope you enjoy your time back in RIFT.... oh and yes I do enjoy RIFT both playing it and making it
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