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Just got a Nightmare Thresher mount and went for jumping. All is nice and good. But then I got Thekk Overlook jump. A pain to do, but nothing impossible. Or so I thought. I got it more than one time. Again and again, but it just doesn't count. Got a video too:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2...EI4QXFQMTRnVlE(Mind my mouse, it is not very agreeable now )Tried turning in ticket, but got the same old copy paste reply from dev stating that they will look into it and turn in bug report. Which I do every time, and which doesn't fix anything unfortunately. (Think of Feeding Frenzy zone event......)So any idea, if there is a way to go around it? Some tricks?
I took a look at this and I can't see anything wrong with the achievement it works for me. I am not sure what is happening at the beginning of your video, it looks like you spliced two attempts together with the first jump being from one attempt and the others from another. Or maybe it's just a weird glitch.However this makes it hard for me to time your attempt. I looks like you make it plenty of time but I can't be sure. You have 3 seconds for each jump and 20 seconds to do them all. Failing any of these timers and the jumps will not count to the achievement.However it looks to me like it should be working for you as it really looks like you do it perfectly. Mentoring is not a factor so it is not that.PM me you character name and home shard and I'll take a look at you specific situation.
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