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Keyens don't know if you read this on discord or this reached to you but I was testing my solo spec on PTS gave 1 point to Through the ether and noticed its not proccing by many abilities like Legendary Hellfire Blades (which is no longer weapon enhancement) and Touch of Darkness meanwhile same kind of ability Scourge of Darkness procing it.Later I put my necrotic core to the ground noticed its only initial hit of necrotic core procing it same goes for living flame but sadly none of living flame ticks procing through the ether only fiery spikes applied by living flame procing it then wanted to test like same kind of attack to living flame and necrotic core which is only planar vortex on riftstalker and saw that all planar vortex ticks are procing through the ether also tested with bladedancers Hundreds blades and Dancing steel and rangers rain of arrows which are also procing.I tested both of this situations on PTS (on friday) and live. Can you clarify is this intended or not because seeing same kind of attacks not procing this is confusing, here is clear list for both groups.Group 1 additional attacks when you attack
  1. Scourge of Darkness
  2. Touch of Darkness
  3. Legendary Hellfire Blades
Group 2 area of effect skills over time
  1. Rain of Arrows (channeled)
  2. Hundred blades (channeled)
  3. Dancing steel (channeled)
  4. Planar vortex (buff)
  5. Living flame (buff)
  6. Necrotic core (buff?)
Hellfire blades is still a procced effect (meaning you don't hard cast each instance of its damage, but they ride along other casts) and in most cases, procced effects don't benefit from effects such as through the ether (as they are double dipping). While in rare cases we break this rule for something specific, in general the behavior your are seeing is as intended.As far as periodic effects, in most cases only the first tick of periodic or channeled effects can trigger effects that trigger that way.
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