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With 4.2 coming next week, July 19th, it would be really great to have an official heads up as to when the new mystery box will be coming.
Shortly after Summerfest.
I've heard that the next one is slated to have many previously unreleased plants, which I'm very much looking forward to.
This is true. The next box is heavily themed around plants.
Which means the days when Mystery Box: Wonders of Alittu can be purchased at leisure are numbered.
Also true.
I am also curious if the Alittu box will reappear during another Dimension Bonus Weekend. I greatly appreciated the chance to pick up a few more Imperial Wonders Mystery Boxes and hope that this special event will return.
Quite likely.
There have been many discussions in the NA Dimension Addicts chat channel about when Summerfest will be this year. While July 20th is a good guess, to prevent player disappointment, an official date released by the Devs would be very much appreciated.
Summerfest will be here before you know it! But it is not my place to announce the exact date, I am afraid.
Thank you Devs so much for all you do!
We love seeing all the amazing dimensions you all build!
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