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Please understand that transparency leads to more positive communities. This has repeatedly been proven via studies, and from our perspective we are being told to not be upset at being ignored for months. Try to empathize with our point of view. Many of us pay a lot of money and time into the game and to be met with radio silence for months is frustrating because (to us) it sends a message that we aren't being listened to and nobody cares about us or our issues. ( http://www.dummies.com/social-media/...e-communities/ ) I have played other MMOs, and those that have more transparency in communication have healthier online communities. People enjoy conversations but don't like being talked at. The Rift community feels more like they're being scolded than having a conversation among adults. I think it's fair to feel irritation at that. Let's have a conversation again and discuss things before they're implemented, it has been far too long since that's happened here. Talk to us about some of those ideas you have going on in your head, we are willing to converse. I'll support great ideas and even reward the game with money if I know it's going in a good direction. Right now everyone who isn't in the discord is stumbling around in the dark. Even a simple response like "Thanks for the feedback, we'll take a look at it" more frequently would go a long way towards alleviating the valid frustrations that many of us feel. It takes only about 10 seconds to type that out, and would do wonders toward people thinking that their input is invalidated and ignored.
A few points of clarity. 1. Players aren't getting ignored. What you are getting is less replies than you want. 2. I'm not asking you to be ok with *being ignored*. I'm asking that players try to be aware of how impending release dates or major features can impact developer ability to post. 3. I'd gladly talk about what if projects and stuff I have kicked around in my head, but up till now too many players tend to quickly conflate "that cool thing Keyens talked about" with "that thing we are promised" so I don't do that as much any more. 4. I actually used to do the "I've seen your thing, its on my list" post in stuff on another project I worked on, right up until people started accusing me of using a canned response and not reading, so that doesn't actually play out well in practice. Nobody is disagreeing with continuing to strive for more transparency, but doing it through the forums currently has some barriers (as noted in my previous post). This is a process, one where improvement needs to live on both sides.
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