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balancing is literally never done
True statement. Souls and skills are always under evaluation. Keyens and Vladd have rolled a lot of changes to PTS over the past several months, which will be finalized and prepped to go live with 4.2 this summer. As with many other aspects of MMOGs, balance is a contentious topic. In a game with over 4,000 possible soul combinations, there will always be the min-maxed "best" builds and the rest are for us filthy casuals. That said, I watched a rather interesting tournament on last week's hosted RIFTstream (Seshatar ran it) and saw a great many unexpected outcomes in spite of builds and the "no rules" environ. It was really fun to see in action. Of course, the best part of classes in RIFT is that you can have that min-maxed "only decent build" for each application, be it PvE, PvP, raids, leveling, etc., and easily switch between them. Not all MMOGs offer this degree of fast flexibility. Anyway - PTS is the place to try out the changes. It ain't over till it lands on Live servers, with 4.2 ... and then I suspect it starts again. =)
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