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Simon, please correct me if I am wrong. It seems that you coded a really low drop rate for the Shenanigans event, stealth-nerfed the drop rate for Summerfest to match, and hoped no one would call you on it. When confronted with hard data, you announced that you would back off from the low drop rate by an unspecified amount. And now every loves you. GG.
Absolutely. Everything I needed to know in life I learned from Star Trek, specifically Scotty. Although technically the Summerfest drop rate never went live. I do want them all to match though. And as for being confronted by hard data that is sometimes just what I have to do.However much testing I do on my own servers, smashing open a zillion Pinatas etc. it just does not substitute for thousands of players. I think you will see if you go though my past posts that I have often adjusted numbers after the fact once I see how thing pan out in the real world. I absolutely do have a tendency to make the numbers tight to start with as relaxing numbers is far more acceptable than tightening them.I felt that the numbers on the Summerfest last year were too generous and did not seem to correlate to what I had witnessed in local testing. (let the flaming begin). I managed to finish the event myself in a day which was never my intent. I walk a fine line in a lot of what I make in RIFT between giving long term goals that are fun to chase verses a soul crushing grind. I am not going to pretend that I get it right all the time and even after I adjust things I will have some people that think it is too much and other that think it is not enough.The only thing I do promise is that I play all my own content on live as a regular player so I do know what I am asking you all to do. I do listen to all your feedback and make changes that I feel are appropriate. If you like the content do it, if you don't don't. There is always something else to do in RIFT.Didn't mean to get on my soapbox quite so much, it's all done with
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