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I was waiting for these responses - and VERY happy to respond. =)As some have noted, we are offering a wide range of special sale weekends, and it was time for crates to be in the rotation, for those who do enjoy them.I created a series of panels at last year's PAX events, centered around F2P vs P2W - and of course lockboxes was a topic I asked the panelists (from widely varied game companies) to address. It was an incredibly informative process, especially as we invited a Guild leader from the audience to join the panel on stage for each event.I think my friend and panelist Holly Longdale (Exec Producer, EQ Franchise) said it best: "If you don't want us to sell lockboxes, don't buy them!"That was just the lead in to a discussion in which several truths emerged:
  • Lockboxes make money to support development costs, in an environment where a very few people (and yes, it is under 15%) EVER spend money in a F2P game. They are an important part of revenue.
  • They are usually for cosmetic/fun rare items and a handful of useful items - no stats, or at least no OP items. This is important where we are all sensitive to the charged of "P2W" (which is a NA/EU thing, btw - in Asia, it's normal and accepted)
  • Some people LOVE them. Some people HATE them. Hate tends to be among those without the money to invest in this game feature, but hey... let's recognize that it allows us to offer more of our game for free, and that is a good thing.
As you all know, we tend to offer the crate mounts for direct purchase after a period of exclusivity, during special mount sales. I've bought some crates myself, and did win an Ashen Greathound, but normally I wait for the sales. And yes, we pay close attention to this feedback. Anything that broadens the appeal of crates is also good for the game and development costs. We are evaluating the contents of the crates. We want them to be awesome as well, and we are committed to working towards that.Therefore... I'd love to redirect the remainder of this thread to become constructive, with "WHAT YOU'D LIKE TO SEE IN CRATES IN FUTURE." Use of the phrase "slap in the face" is not constructive.
  • More level 70 stuff... but WHAT?
  • More useful stuff... but WHAT?
Let's get specific, because we are very interested.;-)#
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