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I found a pinata tonight (with my level 36 rogue) and killed it by myself, which took just shy of forever. It blew up and I got one artifact through the circular "rift closing / quest reward" button. The ground lit up everywhere with unstable artifacts but when I clicked on one I got an error message and they all vanished.Is this a bug or were all the sparkles on the ground not intended to be picked up? It sure was a lot of work for one artifact!
Hey there! Our QA folks want to follow up on this. Can you remember what the error message said? It would help them a lot when they try to reproduce this.Meanwhile, DeadSimon says,"They are only there for a few seconds and if they don't loot quickly they will disappear. If it disappears in the middle of the looting they will get an error.It is possible to get 4 if you are quick. 3 is relatively easy but you have to be ready for them"
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