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I got that the spiking was your main concern but it's also not something I can (usually) speak to much of the time: Aside from saying it's almost certainly not cross shard trading that was causing it. Latency spiking is the sort of problem where even a handful of instances are unlikely to yield actionable information. It could be your router (I once had to debug an issue for a particular game not working on a particular router). It could be your connection. It could be your regional connection. It could be your ISP. It could be your shard. It could be Rift as a whole. It could be our ISP, or our regional connection So my lack of focusing on the issue in my response wasn't because I was dismissing it, only that I felt I could safely say what wasn't the cause., and silently (and now more vocally) filing it away for future reference in case it continues. So consider it heard and noted
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Firstly, thanks so much for a super quick reply! I failed to properly state what I was asking. While I did devote too much information on the player X went to shard/zone/city/etc. when exiting an instance, my intention wasn't to dwell on that. To me, that's just a minor inconvenience, nothing game breaking. I was merely using that as a talking point about the game sometimes (to a number of us anyway) not knowing from whence we came. It was the extra lag that a number of us experienced yesterday afternoon and for the evening. And was "assuming" (yea, we all know what that gets us ;) ) that what y'all had to do was some additional checks to get the cross-shard trading working properly. And that that was what might have been the cause of the lag and micro-lag that a number of us were experiencing. Normally during my gaming time in Rift, a "latency spike" for me is when it jumps up to 31 ms. The game normally reports between 0 and 16 ms (from mousing over the System icon). For what it's worth, I'm ~5 miles from your servers location; and rift_x64.exe normally shows 6-7 ms Latency in the network monitor. Last night, right around the time the cross-shard trading was enabled, there was many times where upwards of 3-4 seconds where nothing seemed to occur, as well as many micro-lags throughout the evening. These spikes occurred in iRotP and in TD. Then later on that evening, around 10pm CST in my dimension when I was attempting to get the pattern down pat for my Rogue's Bladedancer. During the time in my dimension, there was quite a number of times where every 1-2 minutes I was getting those spikes, and it seemed that is occurred just as I was attempting to refresh my dances with Twin Cleave. The dances kept dropping off, even though there was 2-3 secs left before there were due to drop off as I was executing Twin Cleave. The game "hiccuped" (for sake of a better word) at that time. It occurred at other times as well, but as Twin Cleave is crucial to refresh the dances, it was far more noticeable that something was amiss. Enough of my ramblings though. If I didn't explain things well enough, or you need more information, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks again Snedhepl for the awesomely quick response, Dimps
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