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Thanks for the report, but I'd call it unlikely at best.
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Unknown if related to the turning on of the cross shard trading, but in the afternoonish time frame, all the way through ~10pm CST (when I called it quits for the day), the amount of large and micro lag spikes went WAY, WAY up. Not just for myself, but for everyone in my guild. In town, in the dungeons, in TD, in iRotP. Pretty much everywhere.Was the correction to the cross shard trading an inordinate amount of calls to knowing what shard, or where, the two traders happened to be on? I'm asking that as the game seems to have a bit of a challenge remembering where our characters are, or even where they happen to be, located.
No the fix was not that. It was more along the lines of ensuring a proper flow and appropriately handling edge cases.
Which can be seen on the map during zone events, to when exiting an instance (dungeon, raid, or even dimension) and seemingly randomly getting placed on to a different Shard from whence we came from. Or even the location by zone/city.To illustrate that, a mix of characters, faction wise, went into TD last night. When we exited 2 got placed just outside the portal, when they were in a city. 3 got placed in Sanctum, when they were in TB just prior to entering TD. I happened to be out in the world, and ended up back in TB.
I suspect that the 3 who got placed in Sanctum were from Shard X and the 2 who got placed outside the portal were from Shard Y. I also suspect that you were in a dungeon hosted on shard X. Feel free to PM me if you have further info like who was from what shard and the like and I can investigate it more deeply. But I strongly suspect this has more to do with an edge case in the teleport process than anything related to trading.
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