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Hey folks!Keyens and I have been talking about putting together a PvP tournament - he has set up a slapdash arena for testing, and we hope that some of you fine folks have time to help test today!3:00 PM PST TODAY, March 15, Public Test ServerKeyens will work out whether to run 3v3 or 3v3v3 once he sees how many people are interested.DRAFT of the rules, absolutely, totally subject to probable and almost inevitable changes - your comments are very welcome:PVP Mode Overview:Welcome to the Tournament of the Ascended! Competetors will battle in either the 3v3 bracket or the 3v3v3 Round Robin Bracket.3v3 Rules
  • Participants must have the "Keyens Arena" buff applied to them to participate.
  • Role swapping is forbidden except between rounds.
  • Respawning is allowed and encouraged.
  • Each round will be 5 minutes in duration, with a 2 minute intermission between rounds for the teams to adjust builds.
  • Bracket matches are best of 3. Semi Finals are best of 5. Finals are best of 7.
  • Rounds are scored based on which team has the lowest number of death points.
  • Teams that actively avoid fighting or otherwise dishonor the spirit of the contest will be disqualified at the discretion of the referee.
3v3v3 Round Robin
  • Rules are the same as above with one exception.
  • Scoring has changed. The team who wins a round (lowest points) is awarded two pips, the team who comes in second is awarded 1 pip, the team who comes in last is awarded zero pips. After all the round robin games are completed, the top 3 teams play a single round to determine the winner of the tourney.
As to the inevitable question, hehe...Why are we doing this NOW? Well, Trion is moving studios this week (just down the road) and as equipment, personnel and desks get uprooted in the tornado, it is impossible to work on the longer term projects. Besides, PvP is always fun!;-)#Brasseps. please keep feedback on this thread limited to THIS TEST and the planned event, not for PvP issues in general. Thankee! =)
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