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... load balancing...*EDIT* There seem to be serious itemisation issues. Some (all?) high end runes requiring amenders seem to have the same stats as the lower level runes ... I haven't crafted the high end ones yet, but that is what the recipe is showing. There were threads where people talked of missing hit on gear as well.
Load balancing is a real thing. Is it the best thing? For the moment, yes. I'll ask someone in Dev to elaborate further or link me to an existing explanation of how it works.Runes: FIXED in the next patch (hopefully tomorrow, still waiting on time of patch). This has been covered in several other threads on the forums that I regret I don't have time to spelunk for right now.SIDE NOTES, NOT NECESSARILY RELATED TO THE ABOVE:As a general rule, there are bugs (runes, 64-bit growing pains, IA exploit, etc.), and there are subjective issues that come down to design decisions and opinions. For every person who posts unhappiness with here, there are literally (yes, literally) hundreds in game playing without issue. Bugs: will be addressed as a priority, starting with the major issues that disrupt gameplay, down to minor cosmetics or tweaks.Design: will be considered and evolved over time. One or ten people hating something will not make Dev move faster on these. Also, one or ten people does not constitute "everyone" and we look hard at in-game data as well to support various hypotheses (internal and external). We can't always release this data, because of terms such as "confidential business info" and "competitive advantage" but it is a major factor in decision-making.Finally, and I may close with this comment for the day...I am the Director of Community Relations here, and also serving now as the RIFT CM. This means that I don't always get to spend as much time here as I like - heck, I don't get to PLAY in Telara as much as I'd like, hehe.Even when you don't see me much, I am diligently collecting feedback. All the best!Brasse
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