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Is there any chance that will we see either a video response or a letter from the team or the team lead (I think it's Archonix but I can't remember right now) not only about what all has and will happen with SFP, but what the goals are for for things like the monetization, hybrids, account bound items/unlocks, grind, RNG, so on and so forth?
I want to recognize your alt-junkieness. MOI AUSSI! I currently have more characters than anyone would ever need, mostly for RP purposes. My friend Wren has no idea why I'd need multiples of any archetype, but I know YOU get it, right? In reference to the comment I quoted above, we do often address these questions on the livestreams, when the right person is on the stream. Archonix (Chris Junior) is indeed our Producer, but he is up to his alligators in fixing things and driving polish, so we won't see him surface much until the new year. We do have his Producer's Letter here that talks a bit about coming content, and I do my best to get as much detail as possible for features I write on different game systems, content and features. Instead, this week, CaptainCursor and I will be talking LORE, something that some gamers love and crave, while others feel it is a waste of time and will lambaste the stream. That's ok, we'll have something for them next week!Humans are an odd lot, and satisfying the myriad subtle differences in gameplay that everyone wants tweaked this way and that is almost impossible. Dev keeps trying, but also holds the line at concepts and features that they consider vital. Watching the daily struggle in development is fascinating, and there is no doubt that they all care deeply for the game, and for players... even when we disagree on what's "best."Some things are less likely to change substantively. Let's take RNG, for instance. It has been a part of gaming since the first photocopied D&D manual was made, back when I was a young lass with mere peach fuzz on me cheeks. It's vital to drive what we in MMOGs call "the chase." It is a gaming feature that provides both increasing frustration and an incredible sense of achievement... you think WE do it hard core, check out Vegas, where gambling for real money has reached a level never before seen by humanity. We'd be strung up, tarred, feathered and set on fire if our RNG was that bad. Just sayin'. ;-)#Brasse
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