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I am a patron and Rift store buyer (at least 2x's a week), but I do not raid or pvp, just everything else. Raider's, not sure where they fit in to your list of those supporting the game, maybe all three, seem to think the game revolves around them, which I hope isn't true, as most I've met have a pretty narrow, focused view of the game and it's purpose (as far as I can tell they make up less than 5% of the community, but maybe bring in 50% of the revenue?).
Yep, Raiders are a small part of the player population (not just in RIFT, but other MMOGs that I know well), but they are also vital, tend to be supporters of the game and drive a lot of creative vigor. What I really like to see is when raid content is repurposed to allow us "ordinary players" to see some of that content - I am less worried about getting top tier gear than I am in having fun and seeing the lore and action come to life. RIFT has moved a long way toward adapting content that only raiders used to see, for the rest of us.That said, I totally get the competitive drive that propels raiders - I used to be one back before I worked full time in gaming, and I loved the adrenaline rush and achievement of victory. It's a very valid and worthy playstyle.
Anyway, it's nice to know the Rift devs read the forums "a LOT" as I thought they should/would, but I wonder how much of the in-game chat you monitor? What is being said in-game is so much different. Granted folks that post in-game chat comments do seem to have more axes to grind in their short, often warped little comments, or just want to get a rise out folks, but some have value and insight.
All RIFT devs are in game as well, and yer darn right we read chat, the good, the bad and the ugly. Generally we let players do the reporting and tickets to CS when another player steps over the bounds of decency, and we REALLY appreciate it, because we cannot be all things at all times and the Devs are usually content/testing oriented. Devs DO read feedback on the fly, but chat is ephemeral and gone in a minute - we warmly encourage more folks to post to the forums where conversations go to be recorded for posterity. Dev does not normally engage in chat in game because they don't have the time.When I am in game, regardless on my character (Brasse or private), I definitely read and engage with chat, because it's my hobby and my job - salaried folks get no OT, so it has to be a hobby! Oh, and darn right I report and submit tickets when people behave badly in chat... and /ignore is my friend. Brasse
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