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Well, I logged on my level 65 crafters who were getting PA Xp a few days ago, and now the "offer" for the quest only lists XP, and no PA at all :/However, I bit the bullet and turned one in, and lo! I got some PA XP after all...so must be a display error
No, not a display error in that particular case - if you are not max level, it will display real XP because you are in a position to get real XP. When the XP is given to you, it triggers the matching PA XP - because that is just what happens whenever you get XP.If you are your current max level (say 65 without SFP), then you can't gain anymore XP, and it falls back on displaying what it CAN give you - the PA XP that would match the XP you would have gained otherwise.This is not unique to dailies. This is just the way XP/PAXP works. The only reason the Grandmaster (301-375) dailies display differently sometimes is because they have a distinct separate PA XP reward (30,000) attached to them through the rewards section of the quest data as opposed to the bucket data that contains the normal XP rewards.
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