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While I think the adventurine cap should be higher (10k? or so)... at least they went through the trouble of updating most reward categories with the exception of notoriety.
Actually, Notoriety was updated as well (the only mission type that did not get touched much was Dimensions). But it follows the same pattern as all the previous tiers of notoriety rewards - at lvl 1-17, there is one possible notoriety. You will get that one 100% of the time. If you are maxed on it, you get gold/plat instead. At lvl 18-24, there are two possible notorieties, so it is 50/50 which one you get. If you are capped on the one you roll, you get gold/plat. By the time you hit 65, if you have SFP, there are 24 valid notorieties, leaving the chance at each a bit over 4%. If you had ALL previous factions capped, it means that you have about an 8.3% chance for one of the two newest factions (or about 15.4% chance at the 4 newest factions once you hit lvl 68). Otherwise you hit a capped faction and get gold/plat. I would LIKE to make the Diplomacy reward tables smarter in how it cascades, but... out of all the Minion rewards tables, Diplomacy is already the most complicated by an order of magnitude from all the rest. It is literally already hundreds of sub-tables to handle all the logic under the hood. To make it even smarter would require a huge refactor of how it works already and expand the volume of sub-tables even further. So... it is possible to be improved at some point, but it is a large project while other things have more priority at the present.
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