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And/or PM Brasse here (and wait a long time)
To be honest, I rarely respond to PMs here, because I simply do not have the time. Community is generally one to many communication, while CS is one to one. =)The $99 rate is amazing, and rarely offered - always wise to grab it when it's availalble.I checked with the team, and the $99 annual subscription SHOULD automatically roll over if you have a valid credit card on file, and provided that it was bought as recurring. If the credit card info changes, that does involve manual intervention by CS. If the subscription expired or is interrupted due to invalid payment method and the player comes back later wanting the same rate, it's a no go. There may be other edge cases that I am not aware of, but if you believe these factors were not involved, drop your CS ticket ID here and I'll ask someone to follow up and double check. ;-)#BrasseSide note: telephone support was discontinued so that we could answer more tickets, faster. I would not have guessed, but due to the length of time phone support ties up individual CS agents, it is much less efficient overall - I don't make up the numbers, I just look at them in surprise and accept the proof.
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