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Ok, now I'm rather pissed. I thought that Gambahl was supposed to be an attractor card for Harvest missions. I finally got that far in the chain and see that the card is now an attractor for Assasination missions.
It IS actually an attractor card for Harvest missions. The mouse over text from the icon is generated procedurally based on the non-planar suite type of the minion. That tooltip also says cards are added to "every deck" but that hasn't been the case with eh last couple of special attractor minions (Mitch doesn't attract training missions, and really why does anyone really care about getting an attractor to added anything in particular to the training deck if there are no rewards anyway ).That functionality was created under the premise that all attracted cards would just be additional cards of the 6 basic reward types. Now that I am playing with the possibilities to expand it other uses, automated tooltips are... less than helpful. I am going to be requesting some code support to deal with that, but I do not have an ETA as of yet (our programmers have some bigger fish to fry at the moment ;) ). *edit* to add: The text box at the bottom of Gambahl's card is the correct info.
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