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I don't think I was dreaming when in a livestream Tacticus was enthusiastic about the addition of cooldowns, no indication then that they were actually a retrofitted exploit blocker.
Two completely unrelated things.Cooldowns for sellable crafted items are a way for crafters to have some intrinsic sellable value in their profession above the base cost of mats.The cooldown on the quest recipe was added to stop the potential exploit (and was actually a player suggestion ;) ). That said, I am still pondering ideas on how to refactor these quests to not have a cooldown because I don't like it either. But I make no promises and have no ETA on that if so. But it is certainly a subject on my mind.
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Not to second guess the devs but, couldn't the daily recipes just be set to grey so they don't actually give any crafting experience?
Oh, the recipes certainly could be grey, but it is a deliberate intent that the crafting dailies be a viable source (if slow but steady) for leveling professions to the cap in SFP.
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