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I agree the SFP dailies need to be adjusted. Not only are they behind NMT dailies, the plat is worse than SL dailies; one would be better off revisiting the Dendrome and Ashora. Dendrome dailies: 3 plat 82 gold Scatherran forest dailies: 1 plat 47 gold !! Heck, I think there are lvl 50 dailies that pay better
I reported this to Darkmoon and she is doing an audit of those quests. In my personal audit over the weekend, I compared NMT and SFP quests of the same difficulty and SFP was almost double in coin in all cases. What could be happening here is that the Dendrome dailies could be set to very hard and/or group required thus higher modifiers while the Scatherren dailes are set to normal. Still, we'll make sure that they are paying out what we expect them to.
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