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these are the possibilities on the 21st day's bag:
  • 400 Fragments of Darkness
  • 600 Fragments of Darkness
  • 400 Fragments of Darkness + 1 Warmonger's Mark
  • 400 Fragments of Darkness + 1 Broken Cosmos
Here's hoping said Broken Cosmos is BoA -- I will probably be claiming the currency days on one of my alts, but would really hate my 1025 hit primalist or 1075 hit rogue to get a Broken Cosmos, lol...
This is exactly the breakdown of what you could get from the bag. Generally it will be weighted towards just 400 Fragments of Darkness.
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Opened the (Hunting Resource Bundle) It was empty
If you did this before PTS was updated, it probably was. I fixed the bugs with it yesterday so if you get any of the bundles after the update, they will have goodies in them.I'm gonna see about putting the bundles on a merchant and spawn them on PTS so you guys can buy multiples of them to see how they feel. I'll update here with details when it's done.
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