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So now this game crashes at least 1-2 times an hour and I have a PC that's well above required for this old game! nothing unusual installed just the latest drivers and such, this game is so poorly optimized itīs embarrassing this company feel they deserve yet more money from their players, well if your game worked flawlessly then maybe you could demand more cash , but itīs broken in so many places, Really I have no patience what so ever with a company behaving like Trion do! and the angry tone here his cause I know there will be no answer. I just post for the hell of it, I so regret investing in this game! halfway trough red tier, but I donīt think I care for that any more itīs just not worth the frustration and headaches over a broken product with no support and a company who only aim is to monetize never optimize, this is what you get when you force overpriced stuff on people just to be able to enjoy the game , you better be sure it function cause you do not deserve any slack here when you demand such money from people
Sorry for the trouble! You may want to check out some of the basic troubleshooting steps we have for crashing issues and see if any of those help. If not, contact our CS team directly so they can investigate further.When you do, please make sure to provide a DxDiag report, as well as summary of the steps you've already tried. Good luck!
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Random disconnects for the last few days, ping thats all over the planet. What is it with you mob?
I'm sorry for the connection issues you've been experiencing lately. We're currently investigating the most recent problem, and hopefully our team will resolve the issue soon! Also, if you're being disconnected on a regular basis, I'd contact our support team as well so they can investigate!
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