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-IA at Arcanum Conservatory is one of the best/most fun Adventures in the game.
I'm glad you liked those Arcanum Conservatory IAs! It was fun putting them together, but playing through them again, I definitely noticed some things that could be improved upon or not working as intended. I put in some changes that should show up next week, including a reduction in required kills for Grid Unlocked, a reduction in boss HP for Anti Arta, and an increase in the Cryomod spawn rate for Brain Freeze. This doesn't actually require players to hand in the buff before spawning new vessels, but the rate was slow enough to be confusing (and a little tedious). I also noticed some fight mechanics not firing off properly, which I fixed, so this adventure will have a little less waiting and a little more fighting.I'll took a look at some of the other IA issues as well, as time permits.
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