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- Expel Boon w/ Deep Cleansing = 3x Purge w/ no cd Ain't that a little much?
The Purge will receive a cooldown. Originally it was part of a contextual ability which would Cleanse allies but Purge enemies - but it didn't work cleanly, so I split it out and that's why you're seeing the Purge not having a CD atm.
- Eternal Preservation Ok. So let me get this right before I call it the stupidest spell. You channel onto somebody to make them invincible per se. When their health is below 5% they start getting a shield instead of damage and if that shield is there when you stop channeling they die? But like since shielding cap can you or a puri just cap them out so they can't get this? and they stay invincible?
There is a high chance this spell will be redesigned from its current design. But I'll clarify how it's supposed to work (the kill trigger is not working on PTS atm, which is a known issue to me.) It's supposed to work like this: You channel it on an ally. During the duration of the channel, the ally cannot die. During the duration of the channel, any damage they take gets added into a healing absorb, which will last for 8 seconds (value could be tweaked still) after your channel finishes. If the shield is still there at the end of the duration, then the ally dies. It's a powerful ability to save someone from an otherwise certain death, but one-shot raid mechanics would deal so much overkill that you can't possibly heal off the shield, causing them to die anyway. That said, again, this spell is the most likely in the soul to change completely before you see it live.
- Ablative Crystals That end buff have stacking rules and stuff yes? Cause since 15fk is probably bis chloro. Free Frost Barriers.
Known issue, resolved internally, will be resolved on PTS soon.
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