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Frostkeeper is now available on PTS, it is a Healing Soul.Tree:Keeper's Overwatch - Tier 1 - 5 PointsIncreases the effect of your Healing and Absorb abilities by 1/2/3/4/5%.Arcane Potency - Tier 1 - 5 PointsIncreases your Spellpower by 2/4/6/8/10%Stewardship - Tier 2 - 5 PointsHealing or shielding a target below 50% health increases your healing by 2/4/6/8/10% for 10 seconds.Infrigidate - Tier 2 - 2 PointsCasting Hail Blast reduces the cast time of your next Earthen Renewal by 0.5/1 second.Innervating Surge - Tier 2 - 3 PointsRegenerate 2/4/6% of Maximum Mana when you critically hit with a spell.Glaciate - Tier 3 - 3 PointsYour damage on Frosted targets is increased by 5/10/15%.Ablative Crystals - Tier 3 - 3 PointsGrants Endurance equal to 2/4/6% of your spellpower to allies affected by your Barrier spells.Crystal Barrier - Tier 3 - 1 Point - Instant - No Global Cooldown - Cooldown 5sWhen the mage casts a heal or a shield, the target of the Crystal Barrier gains a shield.Improved Barriers - Tier 4 - 3 PointsIncreases your healing and absorb done by Barrier spells by 10/20%.Terrene Bond - Tier 4 - 3 PointsIncreases the effect of Spellpower on your Healing spells by 8/16/24%.Ground Zero - Tier 4 - 1 Point - InstantHeals on the recipient of your Frost Barrier are also duplicated onto the recipient of your Earthen Barrier, and vice versa.Crystalline Resonance - Tier 5 - 3 PointsYour cast-time heals and absorbs on targets with on of your Barriers are increased by 12/24/36%.Harmony - Tier 5 - 3 PointsYour Earthen Renewal and Rime heal for another 20/40/60% of their healing over 6 seconds.Earthwalk - Tier 5 - 1 Point - Instant - No Global Cooldown - Cooldown 30sTeleport to target ally.Earthen Rapport - Tier 6 - 2 PointsHealing an ally heals you for 15/30% of the triggering heal as well. Shielding an ally shields you for 50/100% of your Spellpower for 6 seconds as well.Expel Boon - Tier 6 - 1 Point - InstantRemoves 1 Buff.Expansive Mind - Tier 6 - 4 PointsIncreases your Intelligence by 2/4/6/8%.Cold Snap - Tier 7 - 1 Point - Instant - Cooldown 1m - Cost 50 ChargeYour next Mage spell with a cast time is instant.Cold Front - Tier 7 - 3 PointsWhen your Frost Barrier's Absorb shield breaks, the warded ally gains 10/20/30% more speed for 6 seconds.Deep Cleansing - Tier 7 - 2 Points - Requires: Expel BoonYour Expel Harm and Expel Boon now remove 2/3 effects.Hoarfrost - Tier 8 - 3 Points - Requires: Cold SnapCold Snap now affects your next 2/3/4 spells. When Cold Snap is activated, you are immune to abilities that interrupt for 3/7/10 seconds.Inner Might - Tier 8 - 3 PointsWhen your health drops below 50% of your maximum health, your healing and shielding is increased by 10/20/30% for 10 seconds. Cannot occur more often than once per 30 seconds.Transcendent Abjuration - Tier 9 - 1 Point - Instant - No Global Cooldown - Cooldown 1m - Cost 100 ChargeRestores health equal to 100% of the Mage's Maximum Health to the target of the Mage's Frost Barrier, Earth Barrier, and Crystal Barrier.Root:0 Points: Rime - Cast time 1.5s - Gives 22 ChargeRestores 5881 to 6000 health.0 Points: Hail Blast - Cast time 1.5s - Gives 15 ChargeDeals 7072 to 7072 Water damage. Counts as a Primary Blot. Enemies struck by Hail Blast will gain Frosted for 6s, lowering their movement speed by 10%.2 Points: Frostkeeper's Armor - InstantAll single-target heals also create an absorb shield of ice on their target. The shield is larger the lower the target's health is. Lasts 1h. Counts as a Mage Armor.4 Points: Frost Barrier - Instant - No Global Cooldown - Cooldown 5sPlaces a buff on an ally which shields them for 85% of up to 7550 damage every 5 seconds. Lasts 1h. Only 1 Barrier may be active on any given ally at a time.8 Points: Earthen Renewal - Cast time 2.5s - Gives 22 ChargeRestores 11289 to 12477 health.12 Points: Frozen Wind - Instant - Cooldown 20s - Gives 9 ChargeRestores 2994 health on up to 5 party or raid members.16 Points: Expel Harm - InstantRemoves 1 Curse, Disease, or Poison.20 Points: Telluric Burst - Instant - Cooldown 10s - Gives 22 ChargeRestores 7225 to 7986 health and additional 14450 health over 6s to your target.24 Points: Frozen Ground - Instant - Cooldown 1m - Gives 15 ChargeCoats the ground in ice. Allies gain 20% movement speed in the area, while enemy speed is reduced by 50% and have a chance to be frozen each second they remain in the area.28 Points: Infuse Magic - Toggle - Cooldown 30sHeal target ally 9031 each 1.5 seconds. Heal increases by 20% per tick. Costs 20 charge per 1.5 seconds.32 Points: Earthen Barrier - Instant - No Global Cooldown - Cooldown 5sHeals the target for 6774 each time they are attacked. Lasts for 1 hour.36 Points: Suspended Reanimation - Instant - Cooldown 5mBrings the fallen ally back to life, restores 50% health and mana. Usable in combat.40 Points: Bitter Gust - Instant - No Global Cooldown - Cooldown 1mGrip target party member to your location.51 Points: Earthmending - Cast time 2.5s - Cooldown 30s - Gives 22 ChargeRestores 18872 to 18872 health to target ally, then jumps to the most injured ally within 40m.55 Points: Frigid Embrace - Instant - No Global Cooldown - Cooldown 1mTarget Ally deals 15% of their attacks' damage as Water damage on every attack for 15 seconds.61 Points: Eternal Preservation - 6s Channel - Cooldown 1m - Gives 15 ChargeBuff target ally. While you channel on them they cannot die. Damage dealt to the ally while they are below 5% health is converted into a Healing Absorb on them. If any Healing Absorb remains at the end of it's duration, the ally dies.
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Bitter Gust is going to cause drama-problems in pvp lol. Can already tell. Being able to port an ally to you is going to cause trolls, or people complaining about clutch plays in WF's like blighted, whitefall, or even bronze tomb. Frigid embrace looks really cool from a power play perspective in pvp, and pve. Basically make your hardest hitting dps hit 15% harder.Eternal preservation is toxic hands down, and should function differently in pvp. Being able to flat out negate someones death for 6 seconds no matter what they do? That's just dumb. For PvE it's perfectly fine, as mobs don't care about balance, but for PvP for all that is holy please make it function differently. It's even worse combined with the talents in the tree making frostkeeper immune to CC for X seconds.Also FK's get a -three- buff purge with no CD. That can't be right. If that's right, I will most likely just quit pvp altogether.Overall, for pvp, Frostkeeper looks like the most trolled out spec of all healers. Flat out perma death prevention for 6 seconds, again, no matter what you do. Able to teleport allies to himself, and himself to allies, which means his escapes will be nigh impossible to stop, thus killing the FK will be way harder than any current healer, because if you get him low, he'll just port to an ally you can't see This is all from just a first glance too. My god trion do not unleash this monster into pvp. We don't deserve this lol.
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